TT to vintage amp w/ 5 pin DIN, how to connect?

Hi all,

I was fortunate to find a 1969 vintage Sugden A21 amp for cheap, but it only uses 5 pin DIN connects.

I have sort of a dumb question, do I need a phono pre-amp for a TT? or can I connect a 5 Pin DIN tone arm cable directly to the DIN inputs? Is that even right? Can someone give me some advice about how to set up turntable specifically to the Sudgen a21?
It is likely that you can use a B&O RCA to 5-pin DIN adapter for turntables. I have done this with some other British gear, like Armstrong receivers, and it was the same pinout. Can't guarantee, but it is likely.

Or you could make your own adapter. I've done that also.
If you can solder, it is not too hard to do.
I have had Audio Advisor make me a custom phono cable.
So with an RCA to DIN adapter I'm able to connect straight from turntable to amp. With this gear no phono pre-amp is needed? Thanks for the response.
If the amp has an input called "phono" or "disc" it has a phono preamp built-in. In 1969, there was no CD, and "disc" was sometimes used as the label for phono inputs on earlier British gear.

I am not familiar enough with your unit to know whether it has a phono input or not. You'll have to determine that yourself.

There should be six push-buttons on the front panel, the first button on the left should be marked "DISC". Around the back one of the DIN sockets is marked "DISC". The pin hook-up for the "DISC" input socket is as follows:

PIN 1 = RH channel in
PIN 2 = Common signal ground
PIN 3 = LH channel in

You should be able to use a moving magnet cartridge fed directly in to the "DISC" socket, with the RIAA correction taken care of on-board. If you want to use a low output moving coil you will need an external step-up device to match the "DISC" input requirements.

Hope this helps, regards and seasons greetings to all.