TT Stops @ 1/3 Points on Records

Approx. 1/3 of the way into an album, and 1/3 of the way from the end of an album, my Teres 265 TT comes slowly to a stop (the motor turns off).  It does not do it all of the time but it will do it at least once during a two hour session.  I recently gave it a tune-up (checked all set-up measurements) and changed the oil so everything is to spec.  What do you think?
I just had the same experience with my Teres. Any hints greatly appreciated. I sent an email to Chris at the Teres audio address; not sure if it's still active but if I hear back, I'll post. 

Swampwalker:  chris@teresaudio e-mailed me that the problem was probably the sleep timer.  I usually do not turn the TT off when changing records which explains the shutdown.  Testing will resume immediately!


WAHOO!! 2.5 hour test with no shutdowns!  Life is good and the music is wonderful.

While testing I noticed the belt drive was hugging the bottom of the pulley, so I re-leveled the motor pod.  Could have been a contributing factor.  Dave