TT setup in Panhandle of FL.

I need someone who knows how to setup a TT in the Destin FL. area. I would like to be trained on the in's and out's of how to do.

Destin is near Penscola and Panama City Beach.

I live one block from the Gulf Of Mexico.

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Hi Gary,
I don't know about setting up turntables, but I do have a place in Destin on Holiday Isle. I live in Atlanta, GA full time.
Where are you?
Best Regards,
Hi Gary,

Sounds good. I live near Tucson, AZ... If you get me a round-trip plane ticket out there and pay me a couple of thousand dollars for my time and expenses, I'll be happy to train you to be able to set up a turntable/cartridge/phono preamp, properly. Let me know; I could use a nice vacation!

Frank :)
You should try to contact Larry at Hollywood sound.

he is an long time Analog person and a Retailor as well.