TT set up in the Bay Area

Just got my new TT and the people that I bought TT from didn't set it up correctly, so I'm looking for someone in the bay area that's good on the TT set up. I completely reset up the TT but would like someone to check out what I did. The TT is sounding pretty good but have a bit of sssssssss sound. Can anyone advise with my problem. My TT is a VPI HW-19 JR with Audio Quest PT-9 arm, Sumiko Blue Point Special cart and Creek OBH-8SE phono pre. I will be returning the Creek and getting something else. Has anyone ever tried the Audio Experience Concerto tube Phono pre?
If any newbie is buying TT from Audio Advisor beware that they suck in setting up TT! but they did give me a good deal on the equipment. What IC between phono pre and preamp?
You'll have to play with the VTA some to get it just right.
You could try the Analog Shop in San Jose. They are very good but I don't know how thrilled they would be to work on something you bought from Audio Advisor.

I disagree that you got a good deal if you can't get it to work correctly. Maybe you would pay a little more to buy from a local retailer but there is real value in support. Then again, you might get a good deal from your local guy too. AA has a 30 day return policy? Send it back and support your local retailer!
I would also recommend The Analog Room in San Jose, as my first choice. However, if you live in the East bay, you could also try Music Lovers in Berkeley. They sell a decent number and quality of TT's as well. I doubt they are as knowledgeble as Brian at The Analog Room, but then again, your problem should not be incredibly difficult either. (I am not trying to disparage Music Lovers, as they are a very good shop. It is just that Brian at the Analog Room specializes in Analog, whereas Music Lovers is more of a full service type of store.) I doubt you would go wrong at either place. But when you are in the South Bay, check out The Analog Room, as they have a very good selection of records.
Your cartridge is the main SSSSSS reason.
For nearly the same price you should look for Dynavector 10x4 or Goldring Eroica.
Do learn to set up TT yourself since none except you can listen to it the right way.
Lesson learned--don't blame Audio Advisor. Start small and grow slow. When I came back to audio after a four to five year leave and I got a Grado Blue just to get used to setting up cartridges again. Baby steps, that is. My next cartridge was a line contact moving coil and I got it dialed in after a few tries.
Found the problem, AA didn't tighten the alen screw on the arm and the VTA was messed up, the arm was all the way down so I adjusted the VTA and it sounds pretty good but I will keep making tiny adjustments until I get it just right. I have learned alot in the past few days and the VTA is critical as I now know! I think AA did do there job except for this problem and over all I'm sort of glad this happen because sooner or later I will need to know all these things, it just happened a little sooner than expected, no harm as I'm glad it's fixed and now I can enjoy! Twl, you guessed it right, thanks! Happy Listening
TWL did not "guess".
Just a figure of speech!
Hey Jsawhitlock, we have set up a local Audio Asylum "support" group here in the Bay Area. The group started out about 15 months ago with several guys met on Audio Asylum, but now the group has over 35 members from various backgrounds. Most of the guys spin vinyl. We get together about once a month or so at someone's house to enjoy some music (range from classical to free jazz to rock) and food. So far, I have helped out several people setting up tables and cartridges. E-mail me if you are interested to come to our next get-together or need some more help on your turntable.

I strongly urge you to contact Nick Gowan at Truesound in Campbell, CA; just south of San Jose. Nick carries Dynavector as well as Audio Note, Mistral, Spendor, Rega, and Mutine (Vecteur, Audiomat). He will set up your turntable impeccably as well as help you with any cartridge issues if you wish to acquire a cartridge. His number is 408-370-7578. Nick used to run the service shop for the Audible Difference in Palo Alto when there were REALLY high end and customer oriented.