TT set up

I finally got my TT set up.  What an exercise. The key was the flexibility of the Sutherland Engineering PhonoBlock.  I was able to set the gain at 67db with a special card.  The loading is 100 ohms.  It solved all my problems!  The cartridge is a Dynavector Te Kaitora Rua.

The hardest part was setting the VTA.  The turntable is a VPI Classic 3.  The tonearm has a tapered shape.  It was difficult to see the angle it makes with the platter.  I finally bought a USB scope, but haven't used it yet.  At some point, I'll try to set SRA using it.

For now, it sounds best it ever has!


Don't need no scope. Set your VTA by ear."

This is correct with the provision, exception, and understanding that such an approach will result in misalignment, excessive wear, and distortion.
VTA and anti-skate are set by ear. I also set tracking force by ear but within the specified range.

You are really are putting a negative depressing spin on the majority of threads you have posted on of late.

No actual facts to back any of your statements up, just damning comments, some of which are quite barbed and not entirely warranted or welcomed..

Not truly in the spirit of things imho.
I would not trust myself to set tracking angles; I would hope the dealer would do it for me. Floating the arm and setting tracking force is the extent of my confidence  
Interesting thing while setting anti-skate was that I preferred slightly different settings for different records, so it took me some time to find the best overall. Records’ thickness differs, by the way, and setting VTA can also be fun, it was quick in my case, though. I decided against getting aftermarket add-on that gives you on the fly VTA adjustment. Not with my table/arm/cartridge, too much involvement for too little gain. Then I might’ve wanted to adjust for every track. Not worth it, really. I don’t play 180g and 200g reissues, with those you would want to adjust, I guess.