TT Preference: Brinkmann, Sota, Dr Feickert

My shortlist of TTs is down to the following three;

Dr Feickert Blackbird 2, Brinkmann Bardo, & Sota Cosmos.

What would be your leaning between these three, and why? (Assuming cartridge and tonearm are already taken care of).
Personal tastes in music are: Jazz, Minimal / Avante Garde Electronic.
Had the original Blackbird and went to the Bardo and the speed stability is by far superior with the Bardo. Rhythm and pace now foot-tapping good!
Blackbird boxed-up...want to buy one?
Interesting to see how their speed stability would compare if we were talking about a Brinkman w/ belt drive. I have heard the Bardo, and liked it very much under show conditions. I believe both lines may be at the Montreal show the last weekend in March. The latest version of the Blackbird can take a 12" arm FWIW.
Well as a previous blackbird owner, i cant say bardo is a better performer. Indid not listened them n same conditions, so be picky about my words, i used kuzma stogi ref 313 and 4point with a lots of cartridge. If you want to use multiple arms, blackbird is your only way, as far as i know you may use only one tonearm at bardo and sota. Also at this level, all of this tt are great, picking one of them will not make a big difference, and none of them are make you sad.

Tonearm choices are very important. I was very satified with my kuzma choices with blackbird. I did no like reed on bardo, brinkmann tonearms are better performer on brinkmann tt, also sme goes well with sota.
Had the original Blackbird and went to the Bardo and the speed stability is by far superior with the Bardo.

Interesting. In a way hard to believe because he also sells the Adjustment speed software....
Hard to believe maybe but easy to see via the Timeline!

(Dealer disclaimer)
I went from an Oracle Delphi MK-III to a Linn LP12 and when I couldn't keep up with all those LP12 upgrades ($$$), I decided to go for a simple yet reliable setup and got the Rega RP6.

After auditioning a Brinkmann Bardo, I was really impressed and traded in my RP6 for the Bardo.

It's configured with the Origin Live Encounter MK3c tonearm and EMT TSD15 SFL MC cart.
Many thanks for your feedback.

I have landed on a Brinkmann Bardo with glass platter upgrade and clamp. Very happy with the purchase!

Now doing home demos of phono stages.
Congrats Mpjtf, it's one heck of a TT!

What tonearm/cartridge combo are you using on your Bardo?
I'm using SME V, Lyra Delos cartridge, and Furutech AG-12L tonearm cable.