TT Noob questions

1) I have a VPI Scoutmaster. I bought the stainless steel center weight thinking it would not only be a sonic improvement but convenient (not have to screw). However, with the stainless steel weight, the LP is not stable at the edges (you can easily press it down and make contact) whereas the screw-in stock clamp seems to be more stable. Does this matter? I think it sounds better with the stock clamp. Does the stainless weight really need the VPI edge/ring device to be useful?

2) When I finish playing an LP and take it off, as soon as the record is a few inches away, I hear a big static pop. Each additional record produces more pops (2 pops for 2nd LP, 3 for 3rd etc) as if I'm building up more and more static. Anyone experience this - is it indicative of something I should be aware of?

Thanks in advance; you guys have been extremely helpful in making a return to vinyl a rewarding experience.

If you are using the supplied small rubber ring (washer) that is recommended for use with the screw down clamp, remove it when using the heavy centerweight. I use the centerweight without the ring clamp because after borrowing it (the ring clamp) from my dealer I thought it only sounded better with 25% of the records. With most it just sounded dull.

Try getting a Milty Zerostat3, proper use as follows: with table still, gun 12" above lp, slowly squeeze trigger while pointing at 12 o'clock position. Move to 8 o'clock and repeat, then to 4 o'clock. Then point away from table to floor, and slowly squeeze one last time. Do this before playing first side of every lp, and see if this helps. It has helped on my turntable, so give it a try. There will still be pops from dirt and such lodged in the grooves, but it should lessen the static pops you are hearing.

I include these instruction due to the fact there aren't any included with the Zerostat. Someone was kind enough to post them here on Audiogon, can't remember who, now. Thanks to you, whoever you are.


Thanks, I do have the gun (just opened the box today as a matter of fact), but wasn't quite sure how to use it.

Joey: thanks for the tip about removing the rubber ring washer when using the heavy centerweight - I'll try that.
Another question: my wife listened to my analog setup for the first time last night and surprised me by immediately hearing surface noise coming through during playback. Her high frequency hearing is better than mine and I'm currently auditioning speakers that are fairly bright (Rockport Mira). It wasn't as if I was playing a quiet piece either.

Afterwords put on an analog test LP that has a track of silence and I could hear it myself. Is this to be expected or is it possible to eliminate this?

I can't speak for thr master, Harry Weisfield, and possible he might even chime in to concur with my thoughts, but I'm largely under the impression Harry designed the Heavy Centerweight to work in conjunction with the Periphery Weight Ring. Of course it can be used without, as is mentioned previously, minus Rubber Washer, but I'm of the impression that the Threaded Clamp, even the inexpensive version that came with the 19Jr is a better way to go.

One can more precisely monitor clamping force, using just enough, without strangling your LPs to death. With the Weight, there's no variance, nor adjustability. Sure, your Label Area might be coupled to Platter, but maybe little else? I would think a larger percentage of your LPs will not benefit from the Weight.

Now, moving onto your last post, and mention of surface noise. I'm of the impression that this is not at all related to any clamping method, but more than likely the Cartridge you are using? If it is noted on all of your LPs, it might be safe to say, that it is not a cleaning issue, but it could be?

Tell us some more facts about your system, as I'm sure others here will then know better what weak point is in your particular analog rig. Tell us what Cartridge, Phono Stage, etc. Might be time for a Cartridge upgrade? Mark
I really think surface noise has to do with setup. Before I used the Mint protractor, I heard very little surface lp's are about as quiet as CD's. Once in a while a pop or click goes by, but it really is silent most of the time. There may be other issues at play, but setup sure makes a difference.
Thanks for the responses. I'm using a Shelter 501 MKII cartridge. TT was setup by dealer, but not using the mint protractor (gotta get me one of those and learn to do this myself). Cartridge has about 40 hours on it or so.

I did try the center weight without the rubber washer and it seemed to work well, but interesting comments about how the clamp might still be better.