TT help.

Purchased a Pioneer PL-530 at a thrift store for $'s a 8/10 far as appearance and came with a Pickering XV-15 1200E cart.But I'm having
a problem with skipping at the end of each album so I switch headshells with a different cartidge and same skipping happens. No skipping occurs on my other turntable with either cartridge . Could it be the tonearm and is there any suggestions to help correct this problem? Thank you.
Hi John,

Have you tried turning off or disengaging the anti-skate?
Does the arm move freely all the way to the label without binding or touching the lift bar?
The arms does move freely from beginning to end,and have turned anti-skate from 0 to 4 with no affect.
sometimes the lift bar is not perfectly parallel to the platter, and as the arm moves around to the label, it touchs the underside of the arm and slightly lifts and impairs movement. It can be very slight, and drive you nuts. so, when it skips, take a look real close with a flashhlight and see how the clearance is.
Believe I fixed the problem by spraying cleaner-lubricant spray where the tonearm pivots.Seems to be a nice table and cartridge now.