TT Dust cover inter-change ???

I recently picked up a pretty clean but non-functional Sota Sapphire from a friend in Ohio. As such, I'm having the table repaired and an arm mounted at the factory. While i intend to give this to my brother as a gift, the table did not have a dust cover with it. Does anyone know of a commonly available ( read this as "inexpensive" ) dust cover that will work on a Sota table ? I'm looking for something on the used market that is either a drop in or would require slight modifications. I realize that i may have to relocate or even change the hinges on the cover, so that would not be a big deal. My main concern would be physical size and having enough height to clear the arm, etc... I can provide the measurements of a factory cover if that would help, as i have two Star Sapphire's for my personal use. Any help or suggestions appreciated.... Sean
Sean, I don't know about anything that exactly fulfills your request, but I do know there is a guy who advertises on the 'Gon from time to time who fabricates custom acrylic dustcovers that are intended to fit around the TT and rest on the shelf rather than be attached to it, and I think there's one for SOTA's. These are offered at about $150 as I recall, but unfortunately I don't know the username or firm name of the advertiser, and I haven't seen one of his ads around here for a few months. From what I remember of the pictures though, these looked pretty nice, and they should in theory sound better than an attached cover (or no cover at all, to my mind). Maybe try a search, best of luck.
Unfortuately, that's the same price as the SOTA covers. WAY high, IMO. I'm gonaa make do with my cracked cover, unless this thread turns up a reasonably priced substitute. And while we are talking SOTA, does anyone have an amrmboard drilling template for a SOTA Star/Rega RB250? SOTA wants $65 plus shipping both ways to drill an armboard I got.