TT disjunction boxes - worth to do ??

I am considering an upgrade of the VDH 501 cable of my sme 309 using a box like the sumiko one type.
Many users reported nice improvements when changing the VDH cable os SME tonearms, correct ?
The box it is supposed to be secured inside the TT and from it any standard cable can be used as link to the pre.

If this will enable me to improve the TT sound i would go for it but then...which type of cable ??
Well the box won't help, but the cable you connect to it will. Still may be cheaper to just buy a tonearm cable and saves another break in the connection. I just replaced my VDh cable on my SME IV.Vi with a Graham IC 50. Cost about $500. Very much of a upgrade...better detail, stage size, etc.

Some interconnects are not appropriate for phono signals. Much lower signal than something like a cd player. Make sure you consider that in your juntion box decision.

One can simply mount RCA jacks into the rear of the table and solder the existing arm wire to the jacks. From there, you could choose whatever interconnects that you like. Obviously, one must take into account the electrical characteristics of the interconnects being used when setting the "most correct" electrical loading characteristics for the cartridge being used. It would be possible to what one might think is a "higher grade" cable yet have horrible results due to electrically "detuning" the circuit. Sean