TT Decisions, decisions...

Hi all,
I am looking for opinions on keeping the TT I have or several I have been able to source, but are they any better.

Currently my main TT is a Micro Seiki BL-91L with an Allaerts MC1 boron on a MS-505-LS arm. The table has been modified with 23kg of polished gun metal material. It holds speed perfectly.

I also have a Luxman PD-350 with a VS-300 and a TA-1 tonearm. I also have 2 x PD-310 TTs and my beloved JVC QL-Y5F.

To the point. I have available to purchase a Luxman PD-444; a Yamaha PX2 tangential refurbished; a JVC QL-Y55f refurbished, or do I look for a PD-555, or a QL-Y66f or Y77f, or a new Technics SL-1200 (or joking, a Dohmann Helix 2 please!).

So with these choices, there will be some participants who will have the knowledge to analyse the vintage players and:
1. Offer an opinion on what I have. 2.Honestly discuss the options and perhaps expand on these
3. Move to the “todays” turntables and why.
4. Money. A critical part of the acquisitions.
5. I am willing to move all my turntables for the right one.
Australia uses 240vav/50hz but I do use a transformer for my Ayre K3r pre.

Another piece of information is that I use a Luxman EQ-500 phono.

Thanks, AG 🇦🇺
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AG, I'm confused by your post. Are you unhappy with any of your current (and seriously excellent) turntables? If so, why?

For example, as much as I love the Luxman PD-444, what is it going to offer that you can't get from the ultra-rare and top of the line PD-350?

Are you really unhappy with your current gear? If yes, I'll send you my shipping address. Or are you just bragging about your great vintage gear that a lot of guys would give their eye teeth to own?

I too am confused. Are you silver? Or gold?
I'm not really in the market for a new table but if I were from what I know right now the strongest contender would probably be the Onkk Cue.
The table has been modified with 23kg of polished gun metal material.

Care to claify?
Passive brag anyone? Like the guy at my club who is looking for a new driver because he is only getting 315 yards out of his 2019 Epic driver. First world problems.🤦‍♂️
Passive brag anyone? Like the guy at my club who is looking for a new driver because he is only getting 315 yards out of his 2019 Epic driver. First world problems.🤦‍♂️
Sorry gents. My question was meant to seek some opinion on what to keep or sell and/or replace the lot with a new or another TT (which I stated were other options).

It is a shame that some of you seem to think I am a troll or a big noter. If you want me to send a photo of each TT, I’ll be happy to.

The MS-BL91L is a special which was specially modified and the platter (solid gunmetal ground to a mirror finish by “Mirror Finish Polishing” in Kearny Missouri. It weighs 23lb (not kgs as I stated in my original post). Aussies use metric and imperial. Sorry for the misinformation there. 
The electronics and motor adjusted to cater for the 40% increase in inertia. A new
belt was also sourced for it as well.

Anyway, all I was asking for was any suggestions on change or keep.

MC: what were you asking? Silver or Gold?
Tom6897: Sorry you see my post as bragging. Without all relative information, how do you reply properly, or can you?
All I was asking for was an opinion on what to keep or sell, to reduce the number of TTs to one, maybe two. 
Shame that some of you see this forum as a way of insulting members who wish to seek other’s opinions.
It may be that I have some gems but am unaware that they are gems.

What is it with you people? I think I need to find a better forum where people are treated with a bit of respect. 🇦🇺
Don’t let those pissy comments spoil your day! Their bad moods are their problem, not yours!

Most of the belt drive tables you mention are made by Micro and have much in common. The Luxman PD-310 and PD-350 are close relatives to Micro BL-99V. I owned the PD-310 which sounded very nice, but I simply didn’t like the operation of the vacuum hold down. I replaced it with the BL-91G with gunmetal plateau, which is significantly better than the PD-310 (with aluminum plateau). The PD-350 has very heavy plateau and chassis and will likely be superior to BL-91G and more similar to BL-111 or something. If you like the vacuum hold down that’s the one I’d keep.

Selling some of your tables would provide funds to get a better arm for the PD-350. Plenty of choice, but I’d guess an FR-64S or FR-64fx would be a great choice for your Allaerts. The only problem will be finding the correct arm board. The ones used on the Luxman are different in size from the Micro A-1200/1500 series and are very hard to find, especially the preferred gunmetal version (standard version is aluminum).

I wouldn’t waste my time on ’modern’ equivalents, they’re not likely to improve on the PD-350. Unless you’re willing to pay funny money.......

If you're partial to the wood console aesthetic, there's another strategy that would likely give a big improvement.

Sell everything you have and find a Micro SX-111(L)FV or SX-777(L)FV. The SX series have the air bearing plateau, while the vacuum disc hold down apparently was a choice option. This series will be on a higher level than Micro BL and Luxman PD series tables. My ideal successor to the BL-91G would be the SX-111 without vacuum hold down. I don't think this SX series was available outside Japan, so 110 Volt only.

Air bearing was clearly the next step for Micro and is still at the heart of the current TechDas Air Force series, by the same designer. These are the only 'modern' tables I would seriously consider, provided I had the funny money....

amg56, I apologize if I insulted you. I was (and still am) genuinely confused by your post. You still haven't said why you are unhappy with your cache of current turntables.

I don't know anything about your Allaerts MC1 cartridge, having never seen one. The manufacturer doesn't publish compliance (resonance frequency) so it's not known if that cartridge is a good match for the MA-505S tonearm. It's hard to believe not - the MA-505 is an excellent tonearm and as close to universal as is possible. But they do require periodic maintenance and careful setup in order to sound their best.

But enough about that. Please tell us what you are trying to achieve? An endless set of comparisons of vintage turntables is pointless. What's not working for you and/or what are you hoping to improve?

@edgewear Thank you for your great response and advice. What is hard to appreciate with your own gear is how it may compare with other equipment (in this case turntables), new or otherwise.
I personally I am inclined to keep the BL-91L and maybe the PD-350 due to rarity. I read up on various TTs including your recommendations, I also read up on the JVC QL-Y55f and the series upward and conclude that the Y66f appeared to receive the best reviews.
But then I sought views as to the worth of upgrading or keeping one or some of my current TTs. There seemed to be endless posts on people upgrading this or that, which led to my post. I didn’t expect the rude returns, however, better a few quality returns is better than a lot of useless ones.

br3098: appreciate the response. What was I looking for? As above and... There comes a time when even the best becomes bland and you begin to look for something more exciting. Such it is with where I am. But it would appear that what I have may be good enough, rather than seeking to chase the “better”. As edgewear stated, is may be prudent to sell off the least of the bunch and use the proceeds to improve am arm or some such.
Thanks A. 🇦🇺