TT Arm compatibility.

How do I know what arms are compatible w/ my TT (Ariston RD-11E)?
I think that most of the 9” arms would fit. Accordingly to the mounting plate there will be no problem with fitting up.
There might be a problem with high arm regarding the dust cover height.
So, get the best tonearm (and the cartridge) you can afford.
Thanks. What should I look for in an arm regarding fitting the table? How do I know what arm I have now?
"How do I know what arm I have now?"
Simply, if the inscription/label on the arm is Ariston, then it is an original arm (see If the inscription is something else, use Google. If there is no inscription, take a photo and mail it at Audiogon Forums, Audio Asylum Chat etc.
The question is: why do you wish to replace the existent arm? Is it damaged or do you look for an upgrade?.
Not at last, choosing tonearm you must pay regard to the characteristics of the existent cartridge.
Sorry for the deliquency in my response, i thought i would get an e-mail when the thread was replied to.

The arm appears to be original, I know that the arm needs re-wiring and is in poor condition and that the cable connectors need replaced as well. I thought I would invest a few $$ into an arm and wiring, learn a little about turntables and start my 'vinyl engine'.

I've been looking at Linn Basik, Rega RB250/300. There is no existing cartridge, that's a whole nother process, compliance? mass? tracking force? aye-yaye-yaye... but now I'm considering a whole nother table purchase not sure if the table I have is worth investing the $4-500 to get an arm and a cartridge. I see some nice thorens TD-160's available w/ arms for $2-350... considering that route. I can use all the wisdom I can get.