I want to build my own preamp for my turntable and also my cd player and other inputs with TOSLINK SP/DIF (and maybe build or buy a DAC) - all to help mainly with soundstage for my system and to reduce the "barking". I know only very little, but I have basic knowledge of electricity, physics, enough math --and electrical components--resistors, capacitors, etc. I know that I have a talent for DIY and I'm willing to spend the time to do things right.
Does anyone have a good recommendation for fairly comprehensive reference guides for DIY and also for beginner-novice Hi-Fi? Not interested in home theater. I would probably bypass very beginner DIY to build something better, and take my time doing it.
I have a basic system so far: low end Hi-Fi or high end of the cheapo stuff. Oppo DVD/CD player, Pro-Ject turntable, Denon 2000-IVR (that I would just like to use as an amplifier), and Phase Technology PC 9.1 floorstanding speakers.
I welcome thoughts on anything such as "your system is not good enough to worry about using a preamp." I'm also interested in picking up a Yamaha CX-1000 preamp instead of DIY. Would like to do a tube preamp if I DIY. I have trouble digesting the idea of spending on expensive speaker wire but I welcome learning more.
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