TSM MMii..........amp pairing??

Recently I purchased a pair of second hand Merlin TSM MMi speakers. I must say I am very excited about the speakers but have hit a few road blocks... what amp to use and the bass response in my room. Originally when I first got the speakers I had an older cheap Onkyo receiver (the sound is kind of dark, very laid back and has allot of bass). On a whim I went out and bought a Yamaha RX- A720 just the hold me over till I found the right amp. The Yamaha allowed me to see a glimpse of the detail, soundstage, clarity the Merlin are capable of putting out, but the sound was just too bright and the bass was horribly lacking. I returned the Yamaha, and went and bought Cambridge DacMagic Plus to serve as my front end pre amp while I try different amps out.
So the first amp I bought and brought home was the Brio-R (Sales man talked me into it). Well the amp, although it sounded good with a pair of ported speakers at the store (can’t remember the name) failed miserably with the Merlin’s. Initially the soundstage with this amp was very wide and airy with vocals, but hi’s were extremely harsh, and bass was even weaker than the Yamahas. I thought about trying the NAD C356BEE, because it’s a little more bass heavy, has a good sound stage, detail, but is not overly in your face. I feel this would be the best option for my listening environment and the type of music I listen too, which is a lot of ambient chill out music. The second option I thought about trying was using a custom built SDS-250C CLASS D AUDIO POWER AMPLIFIER with a Vincent Audio - SA-31 Hybrid Stereo Preamplifier to warm the sound up (has bass control). I am open for suggestions or recommendations for a good amp pairing that won’t break the bank right now.
In the past I had a pair of PMC-TB2’s, biamplified with 4 monoblock flying mole digital amps (incredible detail, holographic soundstage, very dynamic for a small speaker, almost too revealing at times). I’d like to get those same attributes out of these Merlins with less harshness though.
Lots to try depending on budget. Music Reference RM10 does very well with the TSM's. If you're willing to go used, you can sometimes find the Series I model for $600-$700. For more $$ (and a little darker sound) the Conrad Johnson amps also do very well. The Premier 11 is a good place to start. I use Premier 16's with EL34 tubes (XS version) and love the combo.

You won't begin to hear what these speakers can do until you try tubes, IMO.
Sorry meant to say Preimer 12's (with Premier 16 preamp)
Call Bobby at Merlin 585-367-2390.

All he wants is for you to be happy with your speakers, he will give you some good advice.
In a large room, I use a Manley Stingray II in ultralinear mode, augmenting the bass with a Von Schweikert 12-inch sealed sub. It's a very satisfying combo.
What speaker wire are you using. Bobby likes Cardas to warm things up. I use both tubes and SS with my Merlins no problems with btightness.
Manley Stingray is a classic combination with TSM's
A tube amp should be on your list for sure.
Hey man. Is you are strictly looking for non-class A SS amplification, the best I have heard with those speakers was with Naim.

How big is your room?
I have the TSM MXe speakers. I'm using a Rogue Audio Cronus Magnum and am quite satisfied. I typically play CDs and use a Rega Apollo. Also a Sonos for Apple Lossless.
Those two amps seem reasonably priced. The music reference has been deemed as slow with pacing and bass....would this be equivalent of a badly ported speaker?
I actually emailed Bobby, as his company is about an hour away from me. He said I would be pleased with the results of the Nad within my price range. The big thing for me is ample bass at low low to moderate listening volumes. I probably should have gone with the tower version, but this version I think can put out the frequency spectrum I desire, I just need to augment the bass for my room. I never understood why so much of the Hi Fi community is willing to spend thousands of dollars on cables for a minor sonic tweak, but the thought of tone controls (everyone has different listening environments and volumes)is.....

Manley sting ray is very good option.....just $$$$$. Pregnant girlfriend kind of deserves a vacation lol : (

Bobby mentioned this in an email? Do you really see that much of a difference? Would this be another option "Vincent Audio - SA-31 Hybrid Stereo Preamplifier"

Lol...if I recall you did state that in an email when you sold me these speakers : )
I have considered that but from the online reviews that I have read the "Naim" may not be the best overall solution that includes addressing my bottom end needs.
So after lots of research I have come to three conclusions

1. I want my amp to be equivalent in clarity, sound-stage,and 3d imaging that I got with Flying Mole monoblock amps and the PMC TB2 years ago. I am happy with that, I have not got the chance too listen to more expensive set ups, but for me I was satisfied.

2. I am satisfied with the Bass output of these speakers with a +6 bass boost from my current crappy Onkyo reciever. This means I just need some form of preamp that gives me that option.

3. I am done with the whole overly critical setup that only sounds good with "acoustic" recordings of some spanish guitarist that no one has heard off.....lol. I listen to classical, techno,ambient,chillout, jazz, and freaken Chris Isaac. With the exception of the latter (mostly any kind of electronic music) has portions of that music that can overly bright or just bad...I don't want to nit pic this, I just want to listen and artificially be drawn in : )

So here is what I think I may try, granted I have spent hours researching each of your guys suggestions (very appreciated by the way)

SDS-250C Class D Audio Power Amplifier

I feel this is high power equivalent version of the digital...... (don't spit your coffee lol) Flying mole amps I use to have, but with a more warm tube like midrange. $629.99...yes that right


Vincent Audio - SA-31 Hybrid Stereo Preamplifier $ 645.95

---my original idea...but I'm gonna go with my gut and give it a try.
I do appreciate feedback and love reading about each persons set up and there journey to getting it where it is.
"I’d like to get those same attributes out of these Merlins with less harshness though."

It's hard for me to imagine Merlins sounding harsh, but to say again what others have said, they do like tubes. (It's part of the whole point of Merlins, IMO, that they're "tube friendly" & don't need a huge amount of power).

Also, trying to use way lesser (SS) components like Yamaha, NAD, & Onkyo, is kind of a waste of such excellent speakers. I used my TSM-M's with a VTL 2.5 preamp & an ARC VT100 power amp..... You've made a big leap upwards with the speakers (to "high end"), but now your other components have to be of equal quality.....

Good luck!
Wasn't the TSM-MXE designed for tube amps and the TSM-MMI (owned by the OP) for SS amps?