Tsakiridis apollon 150w monoblock

Anyone tried this apollon push pull class A/B tubes monoblock amps from Greece? 
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I tried their SET with 211 tubes. Sounded every bit as good as my mastersound 845 with Klipsch Cornwall 4. For the price, Ill definitely pick up a pair of monos soon. The push pull did not sound anywhere as good. I tried their integrated, it was completely unimpressive when paired to triangle magellan quator. Tsakiridis look and feel great in person. Pictures don't do them justice. 
Thanks eioo1h, I do own tube amps like the Art audio concierto this is a very good amp, it’s now more than 15 yrs old, I use Kt88 gold lion . It’s starting to tell me , it’s time to look for a back up, for my ps12 tekton. So I went to Toska audio here in Illinois  just to see what they have. Peter the owner told me to listen to the Aelos 35 w , using 4x el34 + 4x 12A77 tubes , Audio vector speakers connected, using cocktail lounges streamer, The sounds is so holographic and very musical....I was very impress, palpabilty, good bass, vocal to die for....
The next day I audition the apollon 150w monoblock using 4x kt 120 with Alexander preamp, and audio vector floor stander 91 db sensitivity,using cocktail lounges streamer, this combo is superb, Diana Krall performance on Wallflower album is captivating, on Classical is even better, vocal,  bass, speed, smooth? All there. While I was listening to this combo, I hope this apollon monos will be able to drive my 87db Andra 1, Peter the owner said yes no problem they can, Are you sure? He said I will bet $100. They can...The next day my friend and I picked up the monos....this guy know my system very very well...After one album played , He told me this monos are staying,..3hrs later after we played his classical vynil collections, He was in disbelief, He commented difficult passages on the music where perform at ease, He also said for the first time your Andra disappeared, suddenly the ss big with holographic presentation..vocal is to die for, speed will amaze you, my Andra are playing like 94 db Speakers with the apollon with breathtaking musicality......At the end they are not going anywhere, I bought them.
If you give this Tsakiridis product an audition, more likely you will end up keeping them.In the past I tried Krell, Levinsons, BAT, Mc Intost,they all sound good , not near the apollon in my system,the Andra did match the apollon to a higher level Of musicality with unlimited dynamics...
@jayctoy Thanks for sharing your experience and feedback regarding the Appolon Ultra monoblock amplifiers within your system/room driving your Andra speakers.

I’m unfamiliar with the brand, therefore copying the link to these amps for others who may also not be aware / familiar with the brand/model:


I vividly remember your system from 2 years ago. It's great to learn about what you’ve been able to achieve with the changes and additions you have made since then and the current state of your system.

Congratulations on finding a "perfect for you" pairing!!!
@ei001h Tsakiridis currently lists the Achilles as their sole SET offering, a 300B.

Are you referring to the Orfeus 845/211? Are you saying there are current options for a Tsakiridis 211 amp? Thanks.
I believe it was the orpheus with 211 tubes. Great pair with Klipsch using their passive pre. Not sure if they dropped the line. I'll ask my dealer. I remember the price was around 2k for the monos. 
@ei00h  Let me know what you find out from your dealer. 

Also, which Mastersound 845? Thanks.
I thought of the pass lab x25 amp ss very very good amp, it’ impress me when I heard it with tekton impact and Backert preamp, But it will not drive my Andra EgglestonWorks per Teajay excellent review..I have the ps 12 tekton might be a perfect match, price is 5k , When I found the Tsakadiris monos, for $4295 it’s perfect for my Andra, In the future maybe 2 months I will switch the mono from ultralinear to triode...
I have a good feeling the Ps 12 on the triode mode it will work, tsakiridis amps are very neutral, user friendly....
Adirondack Audio carries the line in NY if you need to ask questions about the current line. I don't see any 211 on their site.
So glad you found bliss with these monos, jayctoy. I'd love to hear them someday! Considering the experience you've had with other quality amps, these must be very special indeed. Congrats!
Waltersalas ( Chris)  yesterday I was listening to Allison Krause SACD  new favorite, I was stunned how much music and hidden materials that are in the recording, I now know the monos they disect the music out of the cd , or LP the way it was recorded, Then I played the blues masters xrcd24 version volume 1, the vocal , the slam , emotions, is to die for...
Waltersalas ( Chris)  yesterday I was listening to Allison Krause SACD  new favorite, I was stunned how much music and hidden materials that are in the recording, I now know the monos they disect the music out of the cd , or LP the way it was recorded, Then I played the blues masters xrcd24 version volume 1, the vocal , the slam , emotions, is to die for...
Chris , I have a modified Plinius sa 100. viva amp integrated 300B, art audio concierto, Musical Fidelity 550 supercharger monos, this are all excellent amps, but the Tsakiridis monos apollon are way up on onother level.I think the price now is more of introductory because they are new here.One thing I like about this apollon monos ,they are very very powerful but breathtakingly Musical..-with holographic sound quality... for the price they are more than reasonable.
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After a month of having this tube monoblock amps, they continue to amaze me, In terms of their musicality , on vynil and digital, I heard they are out of stock,it will ake 3 to 4 months if you order.
My feeling Toska audio will showcase this product on the next Axpona audio show..
I’ve have this monos since summer and I have been very happy using them with my Andra. They made me feel my Andra are Speakers for life.Yesterday I connected my Tekton impact monitors source SME 10 tt , ps3 Icon phono pre. Tellurium q black ic , and tellurium  black diamond Speaker Cable. Krell preamp KRC 3 The matching is so perfect, The musicality brought it to the next level, smooth ,sweetness. I feel like I can listen for hrs and hours,,,,I think the Tsakadiris and the Tekton monitor are perfectly match.
Now Iam tempted to get Envore or MOAB. Since my monos will surely match them.
The best I’ve heard the Tekton monitors when they were hooked with pass lab x25 , backert preamp, with audience expensive cables., the system is own by Markr Agon name, My system sound like that now tube and vynil version.