Trying to understand B&W’s trickle down strategy

Hi everybody,

I'm trying to understand what B&W's trickle down tech strategy actually means. I've searched the internet, but not much comes up. So I figured I'd try here instead.

Does the B&W approach e.g. mean that a modern entry level speaker such as the 606 S2 AE sounds as good as (or better) than the older high end Matrix 805?

I know there is a difference in the bracing of the cabinet (in which, as I understand it, the Matrix 805 is far superior). 

To my knowledge it would seem that a 606 S2 AE uses the same midrange as the 805 D3 - which is insane. I don't know about the tweeter though, but since the Matrix 805-design is 31 years old my guess is that the 606 S2-tweeter would also be trickled down several generations ago and that this newer one is as good as (or better) than the Matrix 805.

Is it only the drivers they are trickling down or is it also the crossovers and the whole technology here which tell the drivers how to interact?

I'm debating this because I'd like to know if my money is better spent on a used Matrix 805 than a new 606 S2 AE. The used price of the Matrix 805 is very similar to the new price of 606 S2 Anniversary Edition (at least where I live).

I hope someone can shed some light upon this issue - thanks!

I don't know the answers your questions but I have a pair of the 606's and I love them. 
Ruki,This is a very good question.For me it would relate to your electronics. Since the 600 series is more forgiving to average electronics.
When you purchase new you have advantages of the latest material science crossovers and 5 year warranty etc.The 805 matrix was always solid 30 years ago and still a decent purchase. But you will still have to check driver tweeter availability / support if ever needed. The latest 600 series is fantastic when paired with the right gear. JohnnyR
Just off the top of my head, I'd say the trickle down is mostly the concepts not the actual hardware. Expensive materials don't get trickled down, they get replaced with cheaper materials. Probably more of a marketing tool than anything else. 
@russ69  is correct

similar tech but cheaper materials

bracing and internals will not be similar to higher end products.  For example, while the cone material is similar on the 606 as on the 805d3, if you run your fingers across the grey continuum driver, you will notice the weave of the 805d3 to be smoother and tighter than on the 606.  Also, the rear support and magnet of the driver is different.
The way I understand it is the sound does trickle down. So if you can stand what comes out of the expensive ones this trickles down to where you can probably stand the cheap ones too. 

That's the trickle theory. Climb out of that valley, search the skyline. It might be a ways but if you can make it to Utah there the rivers run wild and free with great sound. Why settle for a trickle when you can drink from a river?