trying to reach Art Audio..... are they gone ?

I have a potential buyer who has questions about my Carissa before he commits. I tried calling Joe Fratus in Rhode Island and Hudson Audio in New Jersey - no luck.

Any help is appreciated.
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Art Audio's UK website shows Hudson Audio Imports as the current US distributor. Their contact info is on the linked page. Joe Fratus is apparently no longer involved with Art Audio.
Joe Fratus was apparently never authorized by Art Audio to represent himself as a US distributor. It was a very big mess about 5 or 6 years ago, and then Hudson Audio took over. They disavowed any connection with him on their website at that time. Now, who knows?
Hudson Audio is where brands go to die.
This co is in a world of hurt keep on truckin.
I got the info I was looking for. The company may be on hard times, but the Carissa is still a super star of an amp.
Mattzack2 Were you able to reach Joe Fratus? I lost touch with him, and Art Audio some time ago. Now they seem to have disappeared completely.

I have a Carissa Signature (with some enhancements) and couldn't agree with you more. Fabulous amplifier!
The owner, Tom Hudson, had serious health problems about a year ago per his son of the same name. They were in the process of sorting through the business late last year when I last was able to contact them.
Still waiting on my Jota which was in for repairs but expect that it will be a loss.
Andrew9405, what does that mean?
You don't seem to understand. Joe Fratus was not authorized by anyone but himself to be the US distributor of Art Audio products. Some customers lost serious money when he disappeared.
It is a shame though, as I once had a demo of the Carissa with Tannoy Kensington speakers, and it sounded really beautiful. Most people who have owned them love those amps, and they're pretty too.
I purchased silver interconnects last year (July)from Tom at Hudson Audio but he had a stroke and I never received them.
I emailed his son a few times he said he would look into it but since May he hasn't returned my emails or calls.
I think they are out of business.

I just sold my Carissa.
I will wonder if I did the right thing until I finish building my Audio Note Legend parallel 300b monoblocks and fall in love with them. At my age, I have to knock off one more thing on my bucket list, and this 300b system is very high on that list.

Goodbye sweet Carissa. I will always love you.
Nightfall -you can reach Joe at his old Cranston, RI phone number.
I know this is an old thread but Art Audio has returned to the US and we are the new distributor.  For anyone who has run into issues previously, I will be happy to work with you.  Please reach out directly at "[email protected]"  

If you are looking for service on your old Art Audio gear I am happy to help you find a service center.  

These are wonderful amps that look amazing and sound even better.  We will do our best to address any outstanding issues.