Trying to pick which ARC amp .....or other Tube Mono

I am in the process of building a bigger and better system that consist of B&W PM1 mated to the P1vD sub. Plan on running direct XLR to amp/amps from a Wadia DAC feed by music server operating Bitpefect softwear. So here is the rub... What amps to run? I like the sound and look of tube mono blocks and have found myself leaning to ARC, but also want to get a good deal (sub $8k) in something I can grow with. Here is my watch list for your input and recommendations: ARC REF300, REF75, VM220 other's Manley Neo 250, VTL MB250, Cary 805AE.  Thanks for the advice 
What's the efficiency of the speakers?

The REF-75 is a really good amp, but especially so if you swap out the KT 120's for the KT 150's. Night and day. Check to see if 75wpc can suit your needs though. 
Your speakers have an 84db efficiency at 8 ohms - not the most sensitive speakers, but most BW's sound better with more power. That being said, the PM1's are rated at 100w max (a range of 30w to 100w).

The ARC Ref75 would be an excellent match, as would the Cary. Everything else is going to give you way more power than you need or that the speakers can handle. The monoblocks will be difficult to find under $8K.
Thanks for the help.. I was  wondering about how the 84db eff. would effect things. I was thinking the same thing ...over kill on power.. would rather have lower clean power and spend $$ on getting the best sounding amp I can find.   Any other amp options i might want to explore
There are a few LSA Statement hybrid integrateds on sale on Agon at the moment - tube pre- and duel mono solid state output. They're rated at 150 watts, but doubt you'll be using that much power.

The Atma-sphere M60 monos listed will also do well with the BW's. As will the CJ LP125 monos also listed.