Trying to match up "field of sound" with screen.

Sorry for the wordiness. I will be buying a HD tv 50"-60". I currently have two Klipsch Heresy II speakers with a Definitive Technology CLR2300 for the center, two Bose 301's for the back, subwoofer retired but to be replaced. I wanted to match the front 3 for tonality etc. Klipsch suggested RC-62 to replace the center and keep the Heresy for left and right. That is still huge sound and big in size. But real rich sounding. Room is about 20' by 17'. After test listening I prefer the Klipsch but wife is concerned about the huge left and right speakers. I would like to match the sound with the screen size. Does this make sense? Keep the center and match it up with more Definitive Technology (suggestions please) or get the Klipsch RC 62 for center and any Klipsch suggestions for the left and right? Blow it up and start over? Yamaha 5.1 receiver has no problem and is 100 watts per channel. Follow up; anybody have experience with the all in one surround sound speaker advertised placed in the center channel location.

The CLR2300 is a full range speaker. You can use 2 additional units for L/R. If you do have the room, any of the 2nd tier towers from Def tech 7002, 7004,7006 match up seemlessly with the 2300. The foot print for the towers is much smalle than the Heresy. I actually am using a Yamaha receiver as a pre into a 7ch amp. but prior to that set up the Yamaha pushed the definitives easily...

Forgot to mention the towers have built in 300watt subs so you wouldnt have to go out for a sub right away...If at all.....