Trying to keep parents out of Circut-City

Would like to put together a musical, easy to use quality system for under $1100:

Cambridge Audio D500SE cd
Cambridge A500 int.
B&W DM303
Cambridge Audio D500SE
Creek 4330 mkII
B&W DM303
Comments or suggestions please. Thanks BIGBLUEBARNACLE
So I guess you are asking about which amp? I would easily give the nod to the Creek. The Cambridge is also a nice amp if it comes down to price (the Cambridge costs half as much) Also for $60 more you can add phono to the Cambridge if your parents have some old records they can spin. Don't forget about getting them some decent cables. If nothing in the budget for power conditioning, at the very least get a Vansevers Companion. It is a $30 power strip that will not ruin the sound like most cheap power strips. Go to to find a dealer who will ship to you or E-Mail Mike Vansevers.
Man, get the Creek. Like it MUCH better than the Cambridge. More musical...more alive. Heard it with 302's...really dug the sound for the price. Good choice (down with Circuit City!) Happy Listening!
I use a Creek 4330 in my "summer system"--the stuff I haul out to my annual summer job out west. I'd definitely recommend the Creek--super amp for the $.
Agree with the Creek and would even endorse the B&Ws if I didn't know about the Axiom M3 Ti. Outrageous 2 way which I promise will outperform the 303s. OEM manufacturer for many, they decided to go it themselves also. Website is They also offer 30 day return policy with purchase price.

Cheaper yet is the same speaker through which undersells, but offers no 30 day return policy. Get the black as the Boston cherry is okay but really does look like vinyl. These perform in a secondary system with an NAD L-40 and are magical with disappearing imaging, solid bottom and sweet highs. I would have never believed it myself. Good luck and thank you for saving them from the evil empire of Circuit City
If you don't mind used and can find one, I also suggest the Cambridge Audio A3i integrated amp that the A500 replaced. It is better than the A500 and was designed top to bottom by Mike Creek. So the best of both (low price and a Creek). It also came standard with a decent phono stage. I still have one in a smaller system in my den/home office. It is a keeper.