Trying to ID this peice of classical

I'm trying to identify the start of this track by Italian Prog band Quella Vecchia Locanda. I know it and it sounds like Schubert to me but I just cannot remember what the original piece is. Can anyone ID it for me - thanks
Can you hum a few bars?
Oh my...this doesn't sound familiar.
This is definitely familiar. Its going to take a while to place it. It will come to me eventually.

Try going to Prog Archives. One poster said it reminded him of Vivaldi.
It sure sounds good, I bet it's being played on a Bose.
Jamscience - That'd be the last place I'd go - and Vivaldi! Good grief - that just highlights what prats that place attracts! Anyway, it's classical experts I need not prog ones (if the latter exists as a concept - and it doesn't believe me!) :)

I'm pretty sure it is Schubert but I am not so confident it's played as in the QVL piece i.e. if it really is a chamber piece. If not, it could solo piano, although it does sound "right" in that track.
This is not Vivaldi. My first thought was Schubert, maybe LvB. Very, very, very familiar.
I have a feeling that the peice is used in the wonderful French film "Péril en la demeure" (aka Death in a French Garden). I have the DVD but it doesn't list the music used in the credits, so I'll have to skim through it to see if it's there. Doesn't exactly help me to ID it but I know that they used Schubert, Brahms and Granados, so one of those is the best bet. I recognise the two German composers styles but am very unfamiliar with the Spaniard.
What do I win? Its Brahms! Piano trio in B major Opus 8. 2nd movement Scherzo!
Brownsfan gets the prize!! Sure sounded like Schubert, though.

-- Al
Almarg, I would have bet good money it was one of Schubert's chamber works. Fortunately, it didn't take long to scan through his 2 trios, and once I ruled out LvB, Brahms was my next stop. I listen to the Schubert, LvB, and Brahms piano trios the most, and that piece was so familiar it had to be one of those three.

I have to say I prefer the Floristan Trio account to the youtube version.
Well done that man! I have very little chamber music but I do have all the Schubert piano trios so that's saved me trawling through them needlessly.

I might return to this subject as I'm compiling a list of classical pieces used in Prog rock. Most items I can ID myself but I'm sure there will be a few I need assistance with.
The audiogon version of "Name that tune." Sounds like fun.