Trying to get a CRISP, TIGHT sound from the mids

I have the following equipment.
Amp- Shangling A3000
CD- Musical Fidelity X-Ray V3
Speakers- Monitor Audio Silver RS6
Cables- Kimber PR8
Nice amp, try rolling tubes.
NOS Telefunkens, Mullards & Amperex will all get different results...
If tube rolling doesn't do it DNM Reson ICs and a SS Icepower amp would be reasonable priced things to consider from my experiences. These two components in combo with the wide range Walsh driver in my OHM speakers have delivered clear and uncongested midrange to die for along with a powerful and tight, harmonically rich low end. Similar if perhaps not quite as coherent overall results with my Dynaudio monitors. The ARC tube pre-amp is a major factor in this as well.
Hi Guys,
Thanks for the help.