Trying to find info on antique GE hifi setup

I inherited an old hifi system which I think is from the late 50s or early 60s. It's an all-in-one cabinet General Electric turntable plus radio which uses vacuum tubes. A sticker on the back says "RC 7130 A" in huge letters, and below, "Made Under G.E. Stereo Multiplex." The turntable plays 33s, 45s, but also 78s and 16 1/2s. The thing is a monster size-wise, and I have no idea if I should throw it out, try to sell it, or see if anyone on the planet could get it in good working order (the am/fm radio was functional last time I checked, and I suspect the turntable needs a belt). Anybody know anything about this unit?
Several places to post your questions:
The reference to "GE Stereo Multiplex" probably dates it from the early 1960's (the GE/Zenith method of fm stereo broadcasting was chosen by the FCC from among several competitive formats in 1961).

Here is one source for repair of older turntables:

You may find other links of interest here:

Radio/phonograph consoles of that period are in nearly all cases not of significant interest or value to collectors, and that would include all GE models. The electronics contained in a few other console makes, such as certain Pilot models, may be of limited interest to some.

I would not conclude from the information in your post that the radio/phono is necessarily a GE; it is possible that the turntable may be made by GE, and the FM receiver may utilize GE technology under license, but be made by someone else. I suspect that "RC7130A" is the model number of just the turntable. I'd suggest looking at the rear of the radio chassis, the cabinet, and the speaker, and seeing if there are any additional make or model numbers indicated anywhere.

If you want to sell it (and I suspect it would not bring more than perhaps $25 or $50, if it is in fact a GE, and assuming that you can find a buyer at all), I'd suggest looking at the list of antique radio clubs in the second link I provided above, and if there is one that is local to you, contacting them and seeing if it can be offered to their membership via their website or a bulletin or periodical they may publish for their members. Or else place a local classified ad in a newspaper or buy/sell publication.

-- Al
This unit is dumpster material. Don't waste your time. I had one of these in the mid sixties. Piece of junk, sound was terrible.
thanks guys, I really appreciate the info!