Trying to find/identify a very specific step up transformer

Hi Everyone,
A few months ago there was a review in Stereophile for a very affordable, punch-above-its-weight SUT that was made somewhere in (Western?) Europe. I bookmarked the article on my phone but then my phone died soon after and I lost the link. I'm now trying to rediscover the company and thought that this community would be the ideal place for me to ask.
Along those lines, once it's been identified, if any of you fine people have any actual experience with the product, I would love your thoughts.
MFA SU632 (albeit this was from 2 years ago)?

I own the big brother Classic V2 and love it -- especially the way they're custom built to your spec and needs
EMIA Phono Step up Transformer??
If the review was published "a few months ago", it should be a simple matter to work backwards on the internet and find it.  Even if you don't subscribe to either the digital or hard copy versions of Stereophile, you can probably access the tables of content of recent editions for no cost. There you might find the name of the product you seek, if you don't already see it above.