Trying to find a USB to RCA adapter.

I'm trying to use my laptop to copy lp's onto CD's. My space is confined and instead of finding space for my desktop next to my stereo, I would like to use my laptop. I'm looking for an adapter that would allow me to take the audio from my preamp into my laptop. I only have USB or Firewire inputs on my Mac. Any suggestions
You can use an USB sound card like the Audigy2 from Creative Technology. But I am not sure if it works on Mac. My guess is it will but you should check with Creative to make sure.
If you are looking for an external device that connects via firewire, look at:

They also have another section with similar USB external devices.
One more place to look:

Ram Electronics

Try the sound card selection wizard at Kelly's

Send him an email, he is usually quite helpful, but response isn't always so quick.
Thank you for all the feedback.

Just what I was looking for. Software is easy and WORKS splitting tracks
Glad to hear it! Which item did you end up getting from them?