Trying to find a good match for my B&W 800 matrix speakers

Hi all,
Years ago my friend upgraded his 800s to 801s and I bought his 800s. I’ve been running them on a Denon AVR5805. The Denon is dead. Like most, I use the big speakers as a focus for my surround sound theater. I don’t use a center speaker or Sub and only have two decent little Tannoy rears. My sources include PC and Cable box. My Denon SA CD/DVD player died long ago so I’ve convinced myself that the PC can be a valuable and integral source if you set it up right. DVD, CD, Blu Ray all play well on OEM PC players with the right codecs and software (correct me if I’m wrong please). I own lots of CDs and have put them all into "the cloud". I’m lazy and listen to my collection this way. Does that mean I should just sell the 800’s and use the money for a vacation? Is there a reasonable "best" solution for my setup? I would love to be able to crank up the 800’s for music and KNOW that I’m getting the most from them while still being able to run the system for some movies. Is a consensus solution possible? Thanks for using up valuable brain time to help with my questions!