Trying to decide between 3 amps Creek, Rega, Atoll

I'm trying to decide between 3 integrated amps. Speakers are Proac Studio 100's with a Rel Q201. My choices are limited because the amp must fit in a cabinet (the system will be in a family room/kitchen) and I have to keep the depth to a minimum, no more than 13" and better if less. So my list is Creek Destiny, Rega Elicit, Atoll IN200. The Proac's do like power and the area (kitchen + family room is 19'x38') we tend to use this space to party in and the system does get cranked up, but SQ is as important as volume. anyone listen to these amps and want to put forth an opinion??
Have had Rega's before and highly recommend them.Not knowing the others.Good luck,Bob
All three are very good amps, but IMHO the Atoll is head and shoulders above the other two. *Disclaimer - I own an Atoll IN100.

I have had the opportunity to enjoy both the Creek Destiny (original version) and a rega Mira (not an Elicit) in one of my systems for extended periods, although not at the same time. Also with different speakers, so it's tough to be completely objective.

I selected the Atoll to use in my small listening room for the summer months when it's too hot to burn tubes. Of all of the "inexpensive" (<$2K) integrated amps I tested the Atoll was the most musical - slightly warm yet very detailed. It was also the closest sonic match to my tube system, which was a plus to me.

For what I paid for the box I consider it a steal. The biggest downside is that there ar not a lot of Atoll dealers, so a demo in your space could be a problem depending on where you live.
Thanks Br that's the kind of info I'm looking for. Proac's love tubes so SS amps that are more to the musical side of things work better. I have Proac D25's in my living room with a Plinius 9200 and that's a great combination, I'd get a smaller Plinius for this system but they are too deep to fit in the cabinet that it has to go in. The Atoll is only 11" deep and I like the fact it's a true dual mono design. Thanks again.
I've never tried the other 2 but I love the sound of the Destiny. I replaced an Outlaw 2150 with it and it was a great improvement. However for some reason I just didn't like the sound of the Proacs with it. I had both the D-15 and the Tablette 2000 and I just did not like the way it sounded. I much prefer the Dynaudio Audience 42 or the Revel M20. I hate to sway you from the Destiny but for some reason it and Proac did not work for me. The Proacs sounded great with other sytems but just not that one.
Ejlif is correct, of course. Whichever integrated units you are considering should be demo'd with your speakers. I do not have any experience with the Proacs. My Atoll amp is usually connected to my JM Reynaud Offrandes, but I have also used it with a pair of VS-1s and Dynaudio 42Ws it they both sounded great (nods to the VS-1s but I am partial to that monitor).