Trying to decide b/t 5 used speakers w/ Rotel Amp

I currently have found 5 speaker pairs in my budget and would like to know how they might sound with my Integrated Rotel 1070 amp. (100 w/ch x2) Here is a list of what is on the market:

Vandersteen 2ce
Green Mountain Audio Europa
Thiel 3.5
Monitor Audio 8i
Axiom M22ti

Any help would be much appreciated.
How loud do you like it? The Thiels are power hogs while the monitors are much easier to drive?
Personally, i'd buy one of the first two. Like Elevick said, the Thiels are power hogs and the others ( I believe) are not time/phase aligned. Makes a big difference in my experience.
I have a medium sized room, but there is a possibility of moving sometime sometime soon since I am a student. Should I stay away from the idea of a small monitor with a subwoofer added? Will the Europas match well with my amp? If I don't have a trained ear, and I listen to all types of music, do you think I'll appreciate the sound of all of the above speakers?
I have owned Axiom speakers, M60's, with Rotel seperates. With poorly recorded music, rock, they will be quite brite sounding. They are a very revealing speaker.