trying to contact Albertsportis

Does anyone here know if AlbertSportis actually sells the speakers he has listed on the classified forum?  I have tried to contact him a number of times, in a number of different ways, but do not get a response.  I even made an offer on a pair of Sonus Faber but got not response.

I know this a strange first post, but any information would be appreciated.

Thanks very much.



I bought a pair of Martin Logan 11a from him for a very reasonable price and he shipped them to me in NM with the best shipping company I have ever worked with.  I have never met him but would buy from him again without worries.

I talked with him about the ARC Ref 5SE he has listed. He tried to sell me on a Luxman. Told him I would think about it. Decided to text/email him back about the ARC REF5SE and have not heard anything back. Seems like a bait and switch. Happy to be proven wrong. 

Yes, MOST of the stuff he advertises he doesn't even have.   Apparently he sells B stock as A stock sometimes too.  It's nice that some people have had good experiences with him, but he's a bait and switch scam artist no matter how much people want to deny it.

Contuzzi…. i agree with your assessment!  Big time bait n switch, he has nothing to sell but a Big waist of time from my experiences!