Trying to choose between Brio Elex-R and Rogue Sphinx V2 &Audiolab’s 6000a (budget choice)

I have a Rega Planar 3 with a Nagaoka MP-200 on its way.  I'm keeping my psb Stratus Silver speakers.  I also have an Anthem CD-1 cd player, but my bigger concern is the sound via the turntable.  I'm looking at the integrated amps mentioned in the title.  I don't like the sound too bright or brassy, but I don't want it muddled either.  Bass needs to have punch but not bloated.  I listen to a little of everything but mostly classic rock, both hard and soft. I know I may have to go with a separate phono preamp at some point, but I want something that has a solid phono stage for now.  FYI: I have a B&K Pro 10MC preamp I could use in whatever setup I end up with, but I'm leaning towards selling it and just going with the integrated.  Thanks in advance for your collective wisdom :)


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I had the Sphinx v.1 for a while. Was not terribly impressed with it. I think the preamp section is pretty good. I tried running the pre out into an Odyssey Stratos and there was a dramatic improvement. 
Not heard the others.