Trying to choose between 3 DAC's

I need a new DAC and I could use some guidance. I wish I could audition all of these before buying, but I am unable to, so I'd like to hear some of your opinions. So far these are my top 3 (in no order):

1) Musical Fidelity M1-A DAC
2) Schiit Gungnir
3) Music Hall 25.3

I'm using a Rogue Audio Cronus Magnum integrated tube amp, and Totem Rainmaker speakers. The third DAC I've listed is a bit older than the first two so I'm not sure if it really contends, but I was able to listen to it and it sounded somewhat nice to my ears (it's also a tube dac). I'd entertain other suggestions for DACs in this price range if you have any. My concerns include finding one with up-to-date digital components (async usb, 24bit/192khz input), good psu/analog output, and it must be able to handle usb,optical, and dig coax inputs. Thanks in advance.

Just dropped off my Rogue Zuess amp for repairs. Larry at Hollywood Sound in Florida swears by the Music Hall 25.3. If the repair bill isn't to crazy I'm going to try the 25.3 hooked up to my Sony 9000es sacd player. I'm hoping it will complete the "tube" experience I love so much.
One issue to consider with the MF M1, is that JA's measurements in Stereophile show that it's output is limited to about 50 KHz, which means its 192 KHz digital may not deliver much different output that its 96 KHz input. I think that is still true with the latest version. Honestly I have not idea what this really means in the final sound, but it is something to consider if you want a 192 KHz input. This is something to consider in any mid-level DACs. I do not know how the other DACs you mention measure up in this regard. However, it is something that has made me look beyond the M1. That said, I have an older MF DAC that I really like.
Check out the parasound z dac.