Trying to audition Plinius in NYC

Anyone know where to audition the Plinius 9200 in or near NYC? I want an integrated amp to use with Totem Forests. Totem recommended Plinius 9200, Ayre AX7, Unison Unico SE, SimAudio i-5.
One dealer recommends the Primare 130. I would prefer an amp with phono stage.
Any suggestions?
Just get a Plinius 8200II - a no brainer w/forests
If you are willing and able to spend more, I would definitely audition a Jeff Rowland Concerto as well. I have one of its predecessors (Concentra I), and found it to be superior to the I-5 (for example).

I don't know about specific synergy with Totem, but it's probably still worth comparing.
Is the 8200 better than the 9200?

Also how much difference is there with the Concerto 1 or 2?
Considering including a Blue Circle NSCS integrated in amongst the contenders.
Sonic Spitits (Phil) across the river in NJ would be a good place to start.
With respect to the Jeff Rowland integrated amps, there are three to consider: the Concentra I (which I own), the Concentra II and the newest (current) Concerto.

i can't give you a useful opinion about their sonic differences, as I've not heard the other two in my system. What I know for sure is that the earliest of the three–the one which I own–is damn good. Also, all three are built exceptionally well–I've never seen a better built audio component, period.

The Concerto is smaller and runs much cooler (B&O ICE power) than the other two, but I don't think the Concentras run too warm to cause any kind of problem. The other important, identifiable difference is, of course, that you can get one of the Concentras for $3,000.00 or less, while the Concerto will cost around $4,500 used.
I'd email plinius and they could point you in the right direction. There are a number of threads on integrated amps and the Forests, so you've got a lot to read here. If you need a phono stage then I think the plinius is def. the way to go with the forests. I heard the JRDG Concerto and was pretty underwhelmed; also, the phono stage is supposed to be nothing special. I think the BAT Vk-300Xse is a good contender, but can't speak for the phono stage. One more option is the YBA Passion Integre which has a phono card option.
Give John Rutan at Audio Connection in Verona NJ it is about 30 to 40 minutes from Manhattan.
Thanks, I'll give John another call. I actually spoke to him the other day and got the impression that he didn't have any Plinius units, recommended the Primare instead....
About 2 years ago, I visited Bob Visintainer's place in the flatiron district because I wanted to hear his AvantGarde speakers (too bad his LAMM amlifiers were out for servicing). I noticed he carried at that time Plinius amps too.

He is founder and president of Rhapsody Music and Cinema (see contact below).
Bob was very gracious to me and easy to deal with, though he knew I didn't have at that time (or even now) the $$$$$ for his equipment, over which I was salivating. He let me listen a little to the AvantGarde Duos. By the way I have no personal, business, or financial relationship with him at all; I just dropped in on his place once and liked it, and he was a great guy. So I would check his place out--here's the info:

27 W. 24th St, Ste 502 (Bet 5th/6th Ave)
New York, NY 10010

Best of luck, and I hope for your sake you don't like his mega-expensive equipment as much as I did ;-)
Well I decided to go with the Plinius 9200 sight unheard and have a sale pending for a used one...thanks to all for the input.