Trying a turntable-it sounds crappy, what's up??

Borrowed a friends TT.
It is a Technics SL-1900 Direct drive(Panasonic circa 1980's is my guess).
The cartidge is an Audio TEchnica with the #'s 22780 on it.

I hooked it up to my Musical Fidelity A300 integrated amp which has a dedicated phono input.
I aa not sure if this TT and cartidge should be on the MM or MC setting.
I have tried both and one is louder than the other.

I had not used a TT since my Phillips belt drive was stolen 12 years ago. It certainly sounded better than this or maybe I am just nostalgic.

I was kind of excited about trying a TT again as I have about 300 albums from college and the 80's/early 90's.

Anyway-I pulled out Steely Dan Gaucho (a good recording if memory serves me) and it sounded warmish but a kind of muffled. Nothing was really that defined.
I teid a nice Elvis Costello aLP and it also sounded very undynamic.

I have a decent digital front end (CAry 308 CD Player) and nice speakers (ACI Sapphires with an ACI Titan Sub). MAny feel that this Cary and these speakers tend toward neutral and warmish sound. Nice system.

What's up-is this a crappy turntable or a crummy cartridge?
WHich setting should this be on MC or MM?
Thanks for any insight-I wa skind of thinking about taking the plunge again, but am not sure now.
Twl -
Not much help guy. I never said I was an expert on analog gear or that this was great stuff, just trying to gain a perspective. You may be correct but your delivery is a bit harsh.

Sbank- Thanks for a helpful response.
I will pick up a decent cleaner and give it a little time.
I am listening to Joe Pass -Portraits of Duke Ellington, and the LP is in immaculate condition. Now this sounds pretty decent. Still a little dark but the guitar sounds live, and the tube amp sound he is playing comes through well.

Hey Frap-

Well, this is good news. Glad to hear it is not a paperweight.
I know he had it serviced about two years ago to fix something on it.

ANy recommendations on a decent new or used cartridge that I could put in it for my buddy?

I am still confused about the MM or MC thing?
Which is this player?
Make sure the spindle is oiled all the way to the top. If you don't have Technics oil then 3 in 1 will work too. Adding one of Chris VenHaus' inexpensive cryo'ed outlets will add slam and dynamics to the music.

KABUSA sells Sorbothane hemispheres which are pretty effective...

Your Audio Technica is most likely a MM cartridge. They make some very good sounding models today for about 100.00 if I recall. The Shure V-15 is still a model of neutrality and Various heavyweights in the industry use it for listening to the results after mastering. I would much rather have this setup and spin records, than a tweaky exotic and cost prohibitive table, that made vinyl out of the question. I hope this helps.
OK, one last question for now....

Will this tonearm cartridge mount take any cartridge?
Is their a certain type of cartridge it will not work with?