Try This With Your SS Amp

Any evening at home, listening to music and basking in the glow of my tube equipment.  Extra bonus, they keep my heating bill down! 🤣


Many moons ago I had a CJ premier 11 amp.  It had Svetlana 6550's.  The violet color plasma within the tubes would swirl around.  It was memorizing.  Alas, no Svetlana tubes being built any more....

I am doing same with my ss amps. Class A ss mono blocks generating plenty of heat, and then deliver the tube glow from the quad tubes in my pre amp.

I live in the Caribbean so I don't need any extra heat, thank you.  I use Class-D amps partially to avoid the waste head.  Cooling is just as expensive as heating and local power generation costs are ridiculous. 

I get my tube "fix" via pre-amps. The tubes get "uncomfortably warm" as opposed to hot.  I also opted for a pre that allows me to bypass the tubes or even go completely passive, if I'm in the mood for "ultra accuracy".