Try This With Your SS Amp

Any evening at home, listening to music and basking in the glow of my tube equipment.  Extra bonus, they keep my heating bill down! 🤣

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....amber waves of gain.... ;)

Audio aside, an expensive means of space heating if one discounts enthusiasm....

But admittedly makes for a better sound than a mere fan driving btu’s... ;)

Happy weekend, y’all..

I've always said that tubes are simply more interesting in pretty much every way, although I did buy a Pass XA-25 this year. Likely the most boring looking amp there is (especially compared to other Pass Labs meter festooned monsters) but it's the only amp that's caused me to put my beloved Dennis Had Firebottle SEP on a shelf for a well earned rest. I do fire it up from time to time (and I still have my 4 Schiit Freya GEs burning away) but the XA-25 is a simply an astonishing sounding original design that just sits there...gets hot...even its light is among the dimmest of any amp I've just sits there...