Try this. Mix 2 different cables together

This experiment goes against what I would have thought would happen.

Try using 2 unlike 1 meter interconnects together.

Place a RCA coupler betwwen the 2 cables and give it a listen. (Pay attention to the direction of each cable)

Now, again I would have thought that this would have resulted in very crappy sound.

To my surprise the combo sounded beter than using each cable by itself.

I am using a Cardas Golden Ref from the source (APL 3910) with a (cheap)RCA Coupler which is attached to a Acoustic Zen Silver ref 2 to my Amp (Krell KSA 250).

It sounded extremly good !

Yet, I still think this cannot be right!

Try the combo , see what you think.
Traveling waves can constructively interfere so there are chances you would luck out with some combinations.
When I connected two different high end models of balanced IC's made by the same manufacturer, the sound was terrible. Yet awhile ago, when I cross conected two different models of high end speaker cables by different manufacturers, the sound was great. Go figure!
Ozzy I agree, I put two differrent pc, it sounded
great also.Why? I dont know.