Try this.

My home computer is in a different room and on a different circuit than my audio system. When I turn off the computer, the audio system sounds better. And my system is already tweaked out with good cabling and power conditioners. Even the LPS for my modem/router has a power conditioner on it.

The next experiment was to keep the computer on - but, temporarily disconnect the WiFi connection - via the control app. The results were almost as good as turning off the computer. I primarily stream Tidal. Since I rarely use the CD transport, I powered it down also. Again, another improvement.

It appears that digitius is quite proficient at polluting any & all circuits. If somebody else at home is watching Netflix or playing an online video game, it could be affecting the audio rig. YMMV

The best, least expensive power conditioner I know which can clean that up is this Furman strip with LiFT and SMP.

SMP is the only tech I know of that is effective down to audible ranges. The tech, but not the badge, is shared by other makers like PS Audio. If you go up the Furman range, check for those two features (LiFT, SMP). They make a ton of stuff, and not all have it.

The price is so low it is worth using as a secondary strip for wall warts as well, using a higher end unit for audio gear.

@erik_squires What other power conditioners and power strips other than Furman have you tried?

Maybe you missed the part in the post where turning off the WiFi might negate needing another power conditioner.
Maybe you missed the part in the post where turning off the WiFi might negate needing another power conditioner.

Well, doesn't THAT sound super convenient??
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Isn’t WiFi required for most remote controls for Most music management software 
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My home computer is on the same 20 amp circuit as my stereo and I have listened to see if I could hear a difference between the computer being on or off. It sounds same either way. My system goes through a Tice Power Block III Signature so that may screen out the nasties.
It (OP) reads as "power conditioners seem to be useless".

Noise is noise and must be banished at all cost!
I've made a substantial improvement in black background, all aspects of sound stage and mid- hi- registers when I dumped isolation transformers and installed a regenerator.  I was amazed at the improvement of the system.  The single best addition to my system for the money.  The addition of an anticable power cord removed doubt about current needs.  I have a lot of electronics on in the house frequently, dimmers, wireless equipment and with all xlr connectors and good shielding the regenerator cleaned the AC noise up while giving the constant 121 v I needed.  This is not an ad, just my experience.