Try running satellite dish through DAC for music

If you have a satellite dish I'm sure you know they have great music channels. Jazz, Classical etc. No commercials and great variety. We use one of the digital outputs and run it through a DAC which brings the performance close to cd playback. A neat way to get a wide range of music. We are in a fringe area so fm reception is almost impossible. Nice alternative anyway.
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I would have to agree. The Dish Network signals are very good in quality when processed through a DAC. I have a Fanfare FT1A and live in in Chicago, so I have a good share of quality FM programs. I STILL prefer the the Dish Music on weekends. I don't have to listen to commercials and the variety of programming is well chosen and never stale.

Since I'm on my soap box--I also enjoy recording the signal on the PVR501 and listen to it on delay. This allows me to look at the titles/artists of the songs and to record them onto a CDR at my leisure if I choose to. Many times we'll listen to music in the garage or on the deck and visitors will ask, "What station is this? Its the best I've ever heard." When I tell them its Dish, they say they have music on their Dish and always wondered, "who would listen to music through their TV?" I explain that this is why they have a digital out and an extra pair of analog outs on the back of their box... of course they never knew that. They didn't install it and have never looked. Same old story.

I'll step off the soap box now.

Best Regards, Aaron
Jc and Aaron, only the newer boxes have digital out. Some have optical with possibly a few having coaxial jacks. Those with older boxes are stuck with using the analogue outputs which probably don't sound as good. Sean
Sean that is true. Even the analogue outputs aren't bad though but as you say not nearly as good as when running it through a seperate DAC. When buying a new box or HDTV converter box try to find one with the customary toslink as well as a coax out. I know the Mitsubishi boxes have both. That in fact was the reason I bought it. Good luck
Another way to avoid commercials is to listen only to public radio as elitist snobs like myself do.
Since someone mentioned NPR I have to comment on September 11th listening to them report: "...and a jet liner has crashed into the world trade center, it's 67 degrees in Baltimore with clear skies ..." They reported it so monotonically it sounded like an everyday occurance--no big deal--plane hits world trade center. Half the time I'm not really listening to them--I had to kind of shake my head and wonder--"did I really hear that right?"
Ok,long time Sat radio station listner.(6 years) The classical stations (834-836)almost never play anything I like. I have a Theta modified Sony stb

Before the Sony sat box,I was on cable and did the DMX radio;and that came w/coax.(program info was on the remotes' screen).The newer Sientific Atlanta boxes have coax out.

I also have a HD stb with toslinc --there are many movies in 5.1 ;and they are pretty good. Some of the local channels /in HD are also in 5.1