Try removing your Uptone Audio Regen...

I did and should have a long time ago. I have no doubt it is system-dependent and results will vary. With my Aurender N100H feeding my AMR DP777 with a Wireworld Starlight Platinum 7 usb cable, I discovered that once I removed the Regen my sound took on much more accurate tonal character. 
My mistake was simple-I took the Stereophile review as gospel-I inserted the Regen with linear power supply and assumed it improved the sound. I was too lazy physically and intellectually to take it out of my system and trust my own ears, until now. 
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I found the Regen to have positive attributes on the first two DACs I used it on, but it was negative on my third and current DAC. It was certainly component dependent in my system. 
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This is not a surprising result. Only one time in all the years I have been reviewing has addition of a component and cable resulted in a distinct improvement in digital source. That one time was recently, when I tried the SONORE systemOptique, which adds an Ethernet to optical converter, a rather diminutive device, and associated optical cable. The addition of those two stripped out the RFI/EMI that is carried on the Ethernet signal. The result was unexpectedly propitious. I had tried optical connections before, but never did they compare well to SPDIF. 
This, imo, is an authentic advancement. I wrote about it in an Audio Blast at   I have tried reclockers, etc. and in my ears they all took away as well as gave. But, the optical conversion not only stripped out noise, it had the effect of making the source more thorough and accurate. 

As to other, more complex digital sources, my experience has been that you cannot make a digital source more "clean" by adding additional components and cables. You can alter the sound signature in some very pleasing ways, but you will not make it more pristine. Having said that, there are instances where a minuscule amount of loss (I normally� never advocate intentional acceptance of loss of definition) with an attendant large increase in other areas such as tonality, may be preferred in specific systems. As has been said above, you simply have to try the variables. But, on the whole, a streamlined source, i.e. Server/Streamer or transport, to DAC has been the best result repeatedly.