Trusted tubemeisters

Hi Everyone!
Just upgraded my Nick Doshi pre/phono and power supplies to MK2 status.
He gave me a list of his preferences in tubes for each...
Some are easily found, others harder and some may be impossible!

I have never been a "roller" so i have no idea of what individuals or companies that sell these are trustworthy as to price and product.

Can you please offer time trusted people who may, as a bonus, have access to the harder lines to find?

Thanks to all!

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Call Andy at "Vintage Tube Services", also try Jim McShane.
Both of these guys are the real deal when it comes to selling tubes. Good Luck!
Contact Audiogon member Paul_lindemann.He can probably help you.Good luck.

Another great source is Jim McShane. Very knowledgeable and a straight shooter.
Azjake- I've had lots of luck w Audiogon member jsautter. If you want to email me off-line, I'd love to hear Nick's recommendations.
Second the vote for Kevin Deal. His testing/burning/grading of tubes, and customer service are second to none.
Second Jim McShane. He will do right by you.
I second Andy at Vintage Tube Services.
I second Jim Sautter. A great guy with a wide variety of tubes for sale.
Another nod for Andy and Jim.

Member Paul Lindemann is also very good.
thanks guys!
I will contact all of these individuals and see what they say....
Also, thanks for such a quick response!

best to all,


P.s. Swampwalker, i'll contact you offline
Any experience with member aztubes?

I've done business with Roger Modjeski, Andy VTS, Jim Sutter, Jim McShane, Brent Jesse and have not had a problem with any tubes from these folks.
I've dealt with Brent Jesse and was very happy with the tubes I got. His site took some getting used to though.
I like Brent Jesse also,B
Brent Jessee and Jim McShane for me.
Brent Jesse is my guy.
Vintage tube services, and Brent Jesse gets my vote also.
Brent Jesse deals with the "golden ears", he has to be good.