Trumpet cds like Chinatown

The opening of the movie "Chinatown" has one of the most hauntingly beautiful trumpet compositions I've ever heard and it's played to perfection by Uan Rasey, IMHO. Can anyone suggest cd's with a trumpet that has the ethereal quality of this piece?
check out Terence Blanchard "A Tale of God's Will". Also Terence Blanchard "Jazz In Film" which has the love theme from Chinatown on it.

There's a thread running currently on Kenny Wheeler - read it for other trumpet/flugelhorn led jazz.
Go to and check out the brief samples of these albums:

Miles Davis, "My Funny Valentine [live]" -- a must!

Miles Davis, "Round About Midnight"

Miles Davis, "Ascenseur Pour L'Echafaud (Lift To The Scaffold)"

Enrico Rava, "The Words And The Days" and "Tati"
"Glory" sound track and, of course, "The Godfather".
Jeff Oster incorporates world, jazz and other flavors into his music. He has excellent tone and tends to work wit silence rather than more complicated passages. Also Italia by Chris Botti is lovely - not a huge fan of him but again smooth and dense tones throughout.
Hi Guys,
Thank you. I'll check out all of your suggestions. Dcstep, I forgot about the "Glory" soundtrack, thanks for reminding me. Emiser, I think I know what you mean about Botti - nice sound, but it's all right there, it kind of lacks depth so I lose interest after a while. The guy whose horn really draws me in is Tomasz Stanko. Are you guys listening to any of his work? As for the older stuff, I like Chet Baker but was wondering about some of the other classic guys like Al Hirt and Harry James. Is all of there stuff up tempo?
here are a few more,
lee morgan,donald byrd,eddie henderson
paolo fresu,markus stockhausen,freddie hubbard/early stuff/
wynton marsalis, russell gunn,nat adderly, roy eldridge/especially on "jazz at the philharmonic'
and a few that are very spacy :
nils petter molvaer
erik truffaz
jon hassler
to name but a few greats
I'm a big Tomasz Stanko fan. Also have Erik Truffaz and Jon Hassell. The 3 of them are similar in that they are "spacy" to borrow Lvk47's description.
I have 3 cds by trumpeteer Mark Isham and I think his sound could be described as ethereal. Mark played with Van Morrison on some of his more ethereal stuff but his work as a leader would be classified as jazz.

Blue Sun, and two soundtracks coincidently,
Romeo is Bleeding
I agree stankos lotano and suspended night,Kenny wheelers widow in the window?good luck.Kinda going back miles(jackjohnson)dated though.
Enrico Rava's new one with Stefano Bollani "The Third Man" is pretty far out there as well.
Man, there's a lot of good trumpet music here! Thanks you guys, I'd never have found some of this stuff without your help.
Absolutely love Stanko. His Lontano album is one of my favorites and gets heavy rotation whenever the trumpet mood hits me (I have 4 of his albums). I am also a bid fan of Blues Mitchell's Blue Mood. I have the XRCD pressing and it is excellent. Tom Harrell's Wise Children album is also great.