Truly High Efficiency, High Quality, Nearfield Usable, Affordable Speakers, Do They Exist?

Trying to help a friend who loves music realize a lifelong dream. He finally has a room all to himself for listening, and wants to put together a SET system. He has acquired, in barter for work, a wonderful 2a3 based SET amp (3.5wpc) and has everything else necessary but the speakers. His room is 10 x 10 x 8, with the limitation that it must also house his desk to operate his business from. So the speakers will be in the nearfield, no more than 5-5.5 feet or so from his listening position, and within a foot to a foot and a half of the front wall, depending on speaker depth His budget requires these speakers to be reasonably affordable (bought used) to maximize his spending. He will be listening to music while working, and also purely listening for pleasure, a good fifty hours a week, so this systems performance is very important to him. 

I'm aware of larger designs, and expensive speakers, though not any that can be used in the nearfield for his needs. Any recommendations, suggestions or expertise in this matter would be immensely appreciated. Thanks.

I'll also throw in the Omega speaker recommendation. If your friend is handy there's a ton of 6" and 8" kits that would foot the bill and is pretty cheap. Madisound has a few kits using Fostex Drivers which are really efficient. THe other cool part of single driver speakers is they can be pushed into a corner to help with bass. I started with mine in the corner and started to pull them into the room until it suited my taste bass wise. 
Here's a link to the Madisound Kits

Maybe, if Bob Smith can get it together for a sustained run at his speakers.  They are all that and more.

Bob, not Smith--but I know.
I have Blumenstein Orca monitors on stands about 5 ft from me. Run them with a 2a3 SET amp, 4 watts. Sweet and musical. Love em!