True dual mono 2 ch amps?

Hi there, I was wondering if people could point me to 2 channel amps that are true dual mono. The only one I know of right now is the Simaudio W8 and W7. Any input would be greatly appreciated.
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Odyssey used to make a dual-mono version of their monos. It's currently only on their Mexico site. Not sure of the pricepoint and level of performance you're looking for but I found theirs to be an excellent amp overall. My friend had one that I had in my system for several months. I'd highly recommend it. There's one for sale currently on A'gon. No association with the seller. Recommendation is general, not knowing the rest of the system you'd be pairing it off with. It has plenty of power at 180w into 8 ohms, and is very fast. A tad on the warm side, which I liked. Best after warmed up, better yet if left on 24/7. Nice amp for not a lot of money. I think the owner of that company, Klaus Bungee, also has a great upgrade program and transferable warranty.

Why not try two single mono amps (aka monoblocks)? This is how most people do it. A large selection to choose from at all price points.

Why limit yourself to the small universe of dual mono amps?
The BAT VK 600se is a true dual mono amp. And at 300 WPC into 8 ohms will tighten up any speaker. In fact, I just picked one up. Because the mono amps that I had before were cooking me alive. But I will miss there midrange magic, but those are the trade offs.
sugarbrie, I am curious about vertical biamping where I would use two 2 channel amps, one for each channel.
If I you are considering vertical biamping, have you considered tubes on top and SS on the bottom? My friend's doing that with his Maggie 20.1's and the results are remarkable. It's a best of both worlds scenario in his case. YMMV - I'm not familiar with your speakers. I agree with Sugarbrie after taking a look at your existing system (and assuming your budget is reflected in that gear) - why limit yourself? You can deal with the different outputs of two different amps by using a variable crossover like a Marchand.

thanks Marco. I have heard good things about the tube+SS combo you mentioned, however I am trying to keep things as simple as possible. As you mentioned, with different brands of amps I will have to be concerned with matching the gains. Biamping is already complicated enough. I am also not a tube guy anyway.
Another dual mono is the ML 27.5.I got one at home and will be looking for another one for the exact purpose you want one.
Hi George. I would really appreciate hearing your thoughts once you are able to biamp.
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Classe ?
VAC 70/70. Dual mono all the way down to separate power cords and on/off switches.
Tboooe. I own a Gryphon Encore. True dual mono. Takes two power cords. 500wpc into 8ohm and 1000wpc into 4ohm. Weighs 150lbs. First 30 watts class A then goes a/b. Build quality is at the top and one of the best amps that I have owned. I'm not currently using it as I need mono's for my current system configuration. To me it has a more tube like sound than my Lamm 1.2 Ref. monos but with much more slam when required.