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any opinions on a "true" bookshelf speaker? Due to little hands (small children) and size of room, I must build bookshelves on one (narrow) end of my 8'X13' office and incorporate my audio and speaker system. I am thinking of going with Totem rainmaker monitors and dreamcather sub (or possibly 1 sub per channel). Any thoughts or Ideas?
If I were you, I would consider a sealed (acoustic suspension) speaker for a bookshelf.

Rear ports won't sound right without 'space' behind them; and front ports have their own issues.

Have a look at

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NHT makes a series of speakers with adjustable dispersion, allowing optimized response for bookshelf mounting at the flip of a switch. A year or two ago, I seem to recall that Stereophile liked one of these models very much.

If memory serves, Linn made a model called the "Kan" which was designed for use up against a wall.

Studio monitors like Lipinski's are also usually designed for difficult environments and might also work well.

God Luck.

I agree with everyone above.
Try for a steal on Soliloquy Sat-5's.
He's been advertising them on A-gon and is a great dealer.
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Linn made some. Thiel's original SCS was designed for such use.
Definition of true bookshelf loudspeakers: Echo or Okara II from North Creek Music Systems. These were designed from the start to perform optimally on a bookshelf.

Poseidon subwoofer.

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