I thought I would share with you the following experiments I have done to figure out how the static is generating on my LPs…

Each of the following trials were preceded with total DeStat treatment of my turntable plater, Tru-Sweep arm and tonearm, as well as a complete ZEROSTAT treatment of the LP itself.  Additionally, I should note  that I have tried grounding the  Tru-Sweep to either my Herron Phono Preamp, or my NAD C658 Streamer, without any difference.  Before the trials, no static attraction is noted between LP and Tru-Sweep….my Oracle Delphi Mark VI Gen 2 is properly grounded to the Herron, as are the 2 grounds of my Revelation audio Labs tonearm cable.

1) 30 minute spin of LP , no Tru-Sweep or tonearm used……NO appreciable static buildup
2) LP spun, Tru-Sweep ONLY, no tonearm used……HUGE static build up on LP
3) LP spun with tonearm tracking, no Tru-Sweep…….NO appreciable static build up

Therefore, I have to still think that the Tru-Sweep generates, as opposed to removes , static, as I previously suggested…
I know the developer and some reviews state otherwise, but I have repeated these trials, and they are consistent.
I would, therefore, suggest NOT buying this item
Not to agree or disagree, but aren’t static charges generated by rubbing different materials against each other? Comb through hair, clothes in dryer, etc? So yeah I would think a brush constantly running along the record would generate some static charges.  

Brushes like the sweep can still work. They catch dust on the record just before the stylus gets to it. Don’t have one, got no skin in the game. But it seems to me there are at least two sources of noise- static electricity and dust. A sweeper brush might work in the sense it reduces dust noise even if at the same time it increases static noise.

Not saying one or the other. Just pointing out it might not be so cut and dried as you make it seem.
yes, the device does clean dust that remains on the LP, which is nice, but most of us clean our LPs pretty well prior to noted, I did careful experiments, repeated, and determined, without anydoubt, that the device GENERATES static....contrary to what the designer claims, hair is a POOR conductor of electricity, and I agree with you....we all remember rubbing plastic rods with animal fur in science class....I politely suggested to the designer to consider making the brush end out of carbon fibers, which do conduct electricty...he got all defensive and pissy at my suggestion....BUT i am sure that would work the way the device was, who wants to by my Tru-Sweep?

Count me out.
I do not desire to use the ZeroStat for other than the Capresso.