Tru-Lift tonearm lifter for Technics

Someone recently asked if the Tru-Lift Tonearm Lifter is available for the Technics SL-1200g.  The answer is yes and will be available the week of Feb 25.  The manufacturer is in Canada.  Their products are only available thru authorized dealers who are listed on their website.  They may send you a picture of the Tru-lift on the Technics if you ask.  

I purchased one from Element Electronics in Vancouver, BC today and am just answering the question asked by another Audiogon member.   
For you information.

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This is good news. The Tru-Lift on my Kuzma TT made listening to vinyl a pleasure. I can listen to music and not concern myself with the thought of when the record ends. I can also attend to phone calls, something on the stove, a quick trip to the bathroom.

I really like my SL1200G modded with a Triplanar tonearm, but miss the comfort that the Tru-Lift provides. Hope that it will work with the Triplanar arm.
I think the manufacturer is quite responsive to your question about use with the TriPlanar  Give them a call.  

I reached out to Carlo a few months ago and received an email yesterday regarding the TT lift.  It included a movie showing it on a the 1200G. 

I have a KAB damper on my stock arm. With it, I don't see enough clearance to place the TT lift.

What model # did you purchase?  


I have a Jelco arm on my Technics so the Tru-Lift will work.  Carlo would be the one to advise you on your arm with the KAB damper.  

I have a few black KAB fluid dampers that i don't use anymore, i think they are only collect dust, because the a silicon fluid bath is open all the time, in a few years of regular use it's a disaster (full of dust). I think it took me 7 years to deny this solution, i just removed them last year.

How often do you guys change silicone fluid completely ? 

This is one of the reson i don't like tonearms with open fluid damper.    
Will it work on a SL1200G with a stock arm?
@ericsch. When I contacted Carlo, I specifically asked about the SL1200G stock arm.  The email that I received yesterday said the 1200G model is ready.  
@chakster. I purchased mine about 3 months ago.  I hadn’t thought about dust.  I’m guessing the Tru-Lift lift won’t work with the KAB dampers.  Once I know for sure, I’ll have to decide what’s more important - probably the lift.

Yes, works on the SL1200G but to be safe please confirm with Carlo Lupo at integrityhifi dot ca.  You will need to go to his website anyway to locate his dealers if you decide to buy.  


I purchased mine about 3 months ago. I hadn’t thought about dust.

I don’t use Dust Cover on my Technics, actually i don’t use dust cover on any turntables. But that silicone fluid is sticky and dust will be there anyway soon, after a year or two it looks awful.

As for that Canadian lift i have no idea why anyone should buy it if very similar lift made in Japan by Audio-Technica is much cheaper? AT product is always a top quality:

i have no idea why anyone should buy it if very similar lift made in Japan by Audio-Technica is much cheaper?
AT is again making its own invention, with a simplification (the old 'lock-down' wire wasn't needed). When AT's patents expired, others rushed in with variations on the same technology; I don't see any of the knock-offs as being 'better'.

I had three AT 'Safety Raisers'. I didn't buy any, all came with TTs I bought. I sold one, lost another, now I'd down to one. Now that I use multiple arms, I regret my casual attitude.

I’ve been using the Safety Raiser since 1980. My first lasted 30+ years. When it began lifting too quickly(6 years back), I bought a couple NOS/NIB pieces. Don’t need another, but- I’ve been wondering if the re-released version, is actually made in Japan.