TRT Inifini Caps

Anyone have strong feelings about virtues of using either TRT Infini Caps or V-Caps for crossover rebuild for Magnepan loudspeaker?
Hi Gladstone,
I haven't used the TRT caps in some time but have been working with the V-Caps since their introduction. For crossover applications, I really like the OIMP caps as they offer some of the warmth and emotion of oil while still retaining speed, resolution and transparency of a good film cap.
I have used them throughout many speaker mods as well as our own speaker line. They also make excellent caps for digital source output stages, preamps and power supply bypass.
I am sure whichever route you take, whatever capacitor you choose, the improvement will be justified.
The oimp are very attractive. I take it they are a little fuller sounding than the teflon version of the V-cap?
I recently installed the VH OIMP caps in my Audio Logic dac as well as the teflon for bypass-an accross the board improvement and recommended for all who wish to improve the DAC. FWIW, Mr.Ozment speaks highly of the infini cap (although I did not go that route). The mundorf caps are another I would like to try.