Troubleshooting toslink input problems on DACs

I have two systems set up in my house, both utilize the Airport Express optical out to a DAC. Both started having playback issues at the same time, one system cuts out ever 5-10 seconds and the other sounds distorted or fuzzy every few seconds. Both DACs play fine when using USB straight from the computer, both AE play fine using the regular stereo out. Anyone have similar issues? Could it be a network problem, maybe a cable problem? I did purchase a new AE and tried it on both DACs and still had the same playback issues.

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troubleshooting ideas. as you have it narrowed down to the toslink you can swap in a new cheap cable to eliminate that as a possibility. you can swap your cable end for end and that may alter the behavior if the fiber end treatment is shot. try another toslink source like a tv of video game console and test the source. if none of those alter the problem you likely have a messed up dac.