Troubleshooting help

I went to listen to my system last night after a long period of being bored with it and for some reason I have to turn up the volume twice as high to get the same volume. Anyone have any idea what gives. You guys have helped out alot over the years as I have blown up various pieces of equipment- thought I would try again. System is Bat Vk 3i, bat vk200, ah tjobe 4000 and apogee stages. Thanks
On the cd player are the interconnects in the fixed or variable input, as doesnt the Ah Tjobe also have the ability to control volume also ? Might want to check there......
Is there a mute button activated somewhere?
I think Apogee Stages have blown up more amps than Jimi.Lots of tubes there.......good luck,Bob
Is there a gain setting on the Bat's? On my Audio Research you have lo-med or high gain, any chance that might have been changed, somehow?