Troubleshoot NAD 3125 integrated

I'm using a NAD 3125 integrated I bought new in 1985. This was my home study system, recently promoted to main system following the demise of my main power amp. It drives a pair of RDL speakers (Roy Allison's last company).

One channel has somewhat lower output, particularly in bass. (Checked by switching speakers and playing test tones.) I'm consdiering buying a replacement, since it costs $100 plus just to have service center evaluate. Plus repairs. Does this type of problem sound familiar? If this is simple and common, I will fix, otherwise go for new NAD C320BEE or maybe Cambridge Audio 540.

Would appreciate any comments.

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I have the same amp, much the same story - it's been a solid amp for 20 years. Recently, the left channel has started dropping out intermittenly, with only a small amount of power delivered on the left when this happens. Switching amp to mono cures it. Problem is more evident with a lower level input such as 4125 tuner, as opposed to a CD/DVD input. Visual inspection shows no obvious problems, cracked solder, etc. This is the first I've heard of dried up caps - are they likely to be the culprit in my case also? ps: I notice you're local to Victoria, BC. Any recommendations on where to find caps in Victoria?